Bath Gift Baskets You Create Yourself From Scratch

Bath gift baskets are something every lady likes to receive, whether she is young or old. In this hectic world, taking time off for relaxation is practically an unheard of thing. One of the last refuges many of us ladies have from the stresses of work and family is our own bathtubs. Is there anything better than closing the door on the world, lighting a scented candle and sinking into a relaxing bath?

Bath gift baskets are easy and inexpensive to make. In no time flat, you can create a beautiful basket of bath salts, ring bath bombs by amor, bubble bath, lotions and other wonderful spa products. This is such a thoughtful gift, especially if you custom scent your products just the way your recipient likes them with essential oils. The possibilities are endless: lavender, sandalwood, citrus, jasmine and more.


Bath gift baskets can also be a source of revenue. Spa products are a hot commodity, and sales are increasing yearly. If you learn to make your own spa products, it can be a lucrative source of a second-income. Of course, if you choose to sell your products, you will need to carefully follow government regulations. There are strict policies as to labeling requirements, as well as specifications as to which preservatives must be included in your products by law.

Bath gift baskets are items that are commonly marked up 600-2000% in stores. By learning to make your own bath products, you will save hundreds of dollars and use only, safe, natural ingredients in your creations. No one likes to take a bath in chemicals, so make your own beauty items to save money and keep your skin healthy.


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