Photo booth rental near me

Renting a photo booth for weddings is a simple experience with Photo Booths , we do the work and you have all the fun and will be very entertained.  Our photo booth rental is affordable and will be the talk of your wedding receptions.  Plus, your guests will get a photo strip to take home with them and you get a duplicate print that will be in your Memory Book.  Photo Booths for Weddings are one of the most popular items for brides this wedding season.  We have top of the line rentable photo booth, they elegant, big, classy and nice.  It is a great way to entertain your guests, and the photo strips will be kept for years to come.



Most people consider our photo booth Naperville IL to be the most elegant and upscale on the market. We offer our exclusively designed booth with the graphics shown or in all black.  THIS IS NOT your typical photo booth!  Our selection of props for the guests to use will keep coming back for unlimited photos during your hour session.  Guests will be lined up and the laughter from the photo booth is contagious.  Each photos will have your custom graphic logo or theme the bottom or side.  We can make sure that the strips are to coordinate with your wedding theme so most of  your guests will receive an instant (and fun) wedding favor. Don’t forget, when the reception or party ends, the fun memories are all saved in a memory album, AND in digital format as well as on-line (secure)  for your guests to view again and again.

Think of renting a photo booth as creating a memory that will be remembered each and every time your guests view their photo booth photo.  You can have your name, date, logo or whatever you want at the bottom of strip so people have the time and date to remember.  Your guests will put their photos on Facebook, their refrigerator, or download them to their website.  Our photo area will allow guests to forward the photos as well.  Let us know what you want and we can help

Exterior & Interior Door Installation

We offer complete start-to-finish highest quality Exterior & Interior Door replacement & installation services home owners and business clients:

  • Entry Doors Replacement & Installation
  • Patio Doors Replacement & Installation
  • Sliding Doors Replacement & Installation
  • Swinging Doors Replacement & Installation
  • Other Exterior and Interior Doors Replacement & Installation

Call us toll free or use our web form to schedule your Complimentary Free In-Home Consultation & Estimate. Our experienced door specialists will meet with you to determine the right combination of door styles, materials, sizes and our installation services. We will discuss all possible financing options and prepare our estimate with the total price, including labor and materials.

We’re committed to excellence providing the most reliable and dependable door replacement and installation services to our home owners and business customers at the most reasonable rates in the industry.


Door Shapes & Styles

Exterior and Interior Doors have specific names, designs, shapes and styles, depending on their purpose. The most common variety of door is the single-leaf door which consists of a single rigid panel that fills the doorway. Many variations on this basic design are possible, such as the Window Services Napervilledouble-leaf door or double doors and French doors that have two adjacent independent panels hinged on each side of the doorway.

    • Half Door / Dutch Door / Stable Door

This door is divided in half horizontally. Traditionally the top half can be opened to allow a horse or other animal to be fed, while the bottom half remained closed to keep the animal inside. This style of door has been adapted for homes.

    • Saloon Doors

Saloon doors are a pair of lightweight swing doors often found in public bars, and especially associated with the American west. Saloon doors, also known as cafe doors, often use bidirectional hinges which close the door regardless of which direction it is opened by incorporating springs. Saloon doors that only extend from knee-level to chest-level are known as batwing doors.

    • Blind Door / Gibb Door

This door is a door with no visible trim or operable components. It is designed to blend with the adjacent wall in all finishes, and visually to be a part of the wall, a disguised door.

    • Barn Door

Barn Door is a door characteristic of a barn. They are often/always found on barns, and because of a barn’s immense size (often) doors are subsequently big for utility.

Georgia Natural Gas Prices

These energy and power systems are the highest efficiency systems available, which means they save money (lower operating costs), conserve natural resources (less natural gas or other fuels required) and significantly less associated emissions/pollution.  No wonder the E.P.A. and the Sierra Club refer to this technology as “environmentally- friendly.” Because are energy and power systems are so efficient, we are able to provide our customers with lower energy and power expenses with:

* Greater Power Reliability (no more black-outs/power interruptions)
* Lower Energy (hot water, chilled water and process steam) Expenses
* Lower Power (electricity) Prices

Our power and energy partnership with your company is based on several different formats of partnership – which allows our customers to select from our energy services that best meet your company’s needs and requirements.  These include turnkey cogeneration, trigeneration or quadgeneration power/energy systems, including financing – and at no upfront expense requirements for qualified customers.  Under this format, EGS will build/own/operate/maintain the plant under our Power Purchase Agreement or Energy Services Agreement. Check Georgia Natural Gas Prices


How to start computer recycle

Just count the number of monitors and their sizes (14, 15, 17, 19 and 21 inches), then place an order by any one of these four easy methods:

  • » Call us at 1.888.603.1933
  • » Fill out our order form»
  • » Email us at info Asset Recovery Austin
  • » Fill out our contact form»


Pricing and Payment

We only charge you to recycle monitors. All other computer electronics equipment is recycled free of charge. For a quick price quote go here.Your company can pay by check, credit card or PayPal Or we’ll be happy to take your purchase order and give you 30 days to pay.

Pick-up or Shipping

If you have between 1-8 pallets of recycled equipment and are within a 150 mile radius of Advanced Recovery (See map below. The star is Advanced Recovery.), we’ll come pick up your equipment for a small charge. If you have less than 1 pallet or more than 8 pallets of equipment, please use our price quote form to determine your best shipping method.


Best Removals Around UK

Moving home can be a momentous but difficult occasion, transferring your whole life from one place to another can be complicated; having to organize and pack your belongings is the first step and it can become even more difficult when you have to arrange transport and sometimes even storage to move your items. The time and potential cost can become staggering, making the excitement of a new home diminish.

Similar problems can occur when relocating an office. Already a risky and expensive venture, the added time and cost that comes from arranging and transporting furniture, equipment, etc., can further increase the difficulties you already face.

Our company is a dedicated removal company for the area, specializing in homes and offices. We provide all the help and services required to make your move swift and as easy as possible, providing you with packaging, transportation temporary storage and organization all for a reasonable price that will make your move as smooth it can be.

We employ experienced and professional movers and drivers as part of our Man and Van service. Flexible and tailored to suite your needs, our movers will treat your belongings with respect and care. They will work with you on a personal basis, ensuring that the job is done to the utmost quality as well as making it easier for you to communicate and cooperate with them as they offer seasoned advice. The service itself is based around you, giving you unique support when it comes to removal services, time and cost.

Packing all your items can be the most stressful and arduous part of moving. Eton Jones will provide boxes and containers that match your items to ensure their safety. Our packing team is polite, reasonable and always happy to help you with your move, offering advice to make the move swifter and trouble-free and arrive at the proper destination on time. With our experts we will prevent any health hazards that can occur, making things safer for you. We also offer a dismantle service for larger furniture for simpler transport, after which we will then reassemble.